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10 things you must do when visiting Cardiff, Wales

Cardiff, a city established in the year 1905, and made the capital of Wales in the year 1955, has so far been the largest city in Wales, and the eleventh largest city in the United Kingdom. However, there are certain activities which as a traveler, you should get involved in just before leaving the major city. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  1. SPORTS: Do you know that the last champion’s league final played earlier June 2017 this year was held in the city of Cardiff. The city is also recognized for its prominent stadiums and its involvement in other sporting events such as Rugby, Cricket, Track and Field, Motorsport racing, and also Ice Hockey. In addition to the cities love for sports, it was given the title as the European Capital of Sports in 2014.

  2. ART & CULTURE: If there is an event to look out for in the beautiful city, it should be the Cardiff festival, as well as the Great British Cheese Festival, and other mind blowing events which are held annually in the city of Cardiff. With the large number of Tourist attraction as a result of the city’s cultural heritage, Cardiff was acclaimed the European Capital of Culture in 2008. The term ‘’Christmas in Cardiff’’ leaves nothing but romantic ambience, eclectic culture and ‘out of this world’ activities.

  3. HISTORICAL STUDY: Cardiff, having been one of the industrial cities which was less affected by the destruction imposed during the world war II, retained most of its history. With the rise of its economy through coal transportation, institutions such as the City Hall, National Museum, Universities and remarkable Government buildings, were all built in elaborate neo-classical Baroque styles out of expensive white Portland stone. In as much as you are all occupied with the countries Art and Culture, do not fail to enjoy its history.

  4. RECREATION: Are you in search of creativity, or bored of the formalities of life? Then you should look out for the recreation been staged at the beautiful city of Cardiff. Places such as The lake at Roath Park, the Bute Park, which stands as Cardiff’s major park, are there to wow you. The city has a magnificent night view comprising of beautiful lights and shiny colors which would kick you into the mood for some romance.

  5. SHOPPING: Cardiff, being one of the top ten retail destinations in the UK, has also proved itself efficient in matters of trade. With the establishment of the Victorian Centre, and St David Centre which is known to be one of the largest shopping centers in the UK, you just can’t miss out on picking a few things just before leaving. Also, major streets such as Queen street and St Mary’s street are popularly known for its high level of shopping activities and trade.

  6. MEDIA ARREST: Don’t get surprised if you find yourself being screened on the international news for less or no reason. The city of Cardiff is also well known for its standard media and telecommunications. Popular media companies such as BBC, The South Wales Echo and Western Mail have their headquarters located at the city of Cardiff. If you’re in search of popularity, then I suggest you do ensure to look out for one of these companies, just before you leave the city.

  7. TRAVELLING: The city of Cardiff, which has been very remarkable when it comes to transportation, has the only international airport in Wales. Travelling can never be more fun, following the organized transportation system in the city. The Rails, Buses, Airplanes, Aqua buses, are there to give you an unforgettable experience and joyous trip around the city.

  8. VISITING THE MUSIC THEATRE: For quite a couple of decades, the city of Cardiff has been known for its high level of music and performing art. Venues such as the Wales Millennium Centre are remarkable places were all kinds of music and dance are held. Also, the city organizes world musical events, such as the BBC Cardiff Singer of the World competition which is seen as a classical, and in essence attracts people from all over the world.

  9. HOTEL RESORT & CLUBBING: With so much fun filled packages all at your doorstep when in the city of Cardiff, do not fail to visit the top class hotels and clubs which are located at various places in the city. The reservations are exclusive, with different people of different races all coming together to enjoy themselves.

  10. MAKING NEW FRIENDS: Lastly, if there is a must do when in the city of Cardiff, it should be making new friends. The city which comprises of different tourist from different part of the world do not get you bored for a moment. There are a whole lot of new things to learn and a whole lot of new languages to hear.

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