10 things you must do when visiting Nice, France

Nice, also nick named Nice the beautiful, is the second largest French city on the Mediterranean coast with about a population of one million people, and has so far been listed amongst the most beautiful cities in the world. While enjoying your stay at the lovely city, do not hesitate partaking in these mind blowing activities that gives you nothing less than absolute fulfillment.

  • BEACH CAMPING: If you have great love for aqua and natural beauty, then the city of Nice is where you should be. Geographically, Nice has the closest beaches which lies around a 4-mile distance from the city residence. Even when you feel the public beaches are overcrowded and insecure, the private beaches are highly exclusive. Known for its deep blue appearances, these beaches can offer you nothing less than calmness, relaxation and maximum comfort. You should definitely try summer at Coco beach, la Researve beach, or the Castle Plage and Ruhl plague which are private and exclusive.

  • FRENCH DELICACY: If there is a must do in the state of France, it should be having a tip of their delicacy, which can be offered best at the French cuisine and the Mediterranean cuisine in the city of Nice. Seafood, fruits, vegetables, and fish are majorly consumed meals and there are so many other more delicacies such as the Socca, Salade Nicoise, Soupe au pistou, and side dishes like Ratatouille.

  • BOAT TRIP: Your tour review would possibly lose one star if you miss out on a boat trip while in the city of Nice. Tourist centres such as living up, and Poseidon Nice centre have good water sports and also perfect for family vacation. The Coastal ride has for long been the most exclusive water tour in Nice, with lots of fun trip activities and natural views.

  • CONTEMPORARY ART MUSEUM: With so much natural light blazing the city, Nice has produced so many painters and sculptors in the likes of Chagall, Matisse, Niki de Saint Phalle, Klein, Arman and Sosno. The city has a great history when it comes to works of art, considering its archeological site. You should definitely visit the Musée Matisse Art museum, and contemporary art galleries like the Musée Marc Chagall, and Musée Picasso, Antibes.

  • BIKE TOURS: I’ve never been a good cyclist, but while I was in Nice, I had the best biking experience ever. You may say the Nice city cycle tour which is 3 hours is a long one, but it keeps your eyes all active and willing to continue. Bike tours in nice has been designed to explore every major places of the city, starting from the blue beaches, down to the old markets, ports, gardens, restaurants and hotels.

  • SIGHT SEEING: This is one of the major tour activity in Nice, with so many beautiful creations to take note of, you just can’t take sightseeing off the list. To get a personalized experience, you may come together in numbers in about 10, and take a short tour around the cities beautiful plages and resorts.

  • CULTURAL AND HERITAGE TOURS: Having been established by the ancient Greek, the city comprises of different immigrants around the world, with different cultures, and the Italians, Portuguese, and the Spanish all having settlements in the beautiful city, there are also varieties of languages been spoken, although Nicard has been regarded as the native language. Cultural festivals such as the Nice Jazz festival are mind blowing and a must do when touring the light city.

  • NICE CARNIVAL: The Nice annual carnival has kept tourists all flying in from different parts of the world, with about a million visitors every year. Normally been held at the French Riviera, on the month of February, the nice carnival has been long rated with beautiful colorful events, lasting as much as two weeks, with well-organized parades that goes on day and night. Other events such as the battle of flowers which holds every day of the carnival are breathtaking and an experience one should have in a lifetime.

  • WINE TASTING: Starting from the Rose wine, to the Bellet wine, all produced in the Bellet vineyard, and mostly consumed by locals, the inhabitants in the city of nice has a great ideal for wine tasting. Provence such as the Chateau De Saint-Martin, Cru Classé de Provence produces tasty organic wine since antiquity. Wine tasting in nice, which extends down to their culture, would leave you all tipsy and missing a whole lot of trips.

  • NIGHT LIFE: With the beautiful hotels and resorts all located at the centre of the city, the night life in nice has so much to talk about. Starting from the night bike tours, night bus tours, and ranging down to clubs, and wine bars, the city of nice offers you an unforgettable night experience with so much beautiful lights, sightseeing and pleasant sounds coming from the classical bars in old town.




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