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Top 4 Things Every Tourist Must Do In Manaus, Brazil

Are you visiting Manaus? Still haven’t planned your itinerary? We’ve listed down the top must-do activities for every tourist who visits the beautiful city of Manaus. Check them out:

1. Discover Starting Point of Amazon at Encontro das Aguas. Tourists who visit the city of Manaus wouldn’t miss visiting Encontro das Aguas, the point where the Rio Negro joins Rio Solimões to form the Amazon River. Encontro das Aguas is located 20 kilometers southeast of Manaus and the best viewpoint if you want to see the two rivers adjoin without actually combining because of the different properties of the water of each river. The dark color of the Rio Negro and the light brown color of Rio Solimões flowing through each other’s side without combining for almost six kilometers. The view of these rivers are quite exhilarating when viewed above but it is just as beautiful when you ride through the river itself.  There are many guided boat tours that offer tours along this natural sight so you wouldn’t need to worry about joining a group tour as a solo traveler.

2.Have A Tour At Amazonas Theatre. If you’re a fan of Renaissance style, visiting the Teatro Amazonas is the perfect activity for you. It is one of the most well-known landmarks in Manaus because of its exquisite design finished in 1896. The materials used to construct the theatre were unique materials that were imported from Europe. Some of these materials include tiles from Germany, chandeliers made of Murano glass from Venice, iron-made staircase from England, marble doors from Italy and European-treated Brazilian wood used as decoration. With a capacity of 701 seats, you can enjoy the Amazonas Philharmonic Orchestra who regularly performs at the theatre together with a choir during a musical concert or a performance. As of now, a tour is available to the theater for only $8 so it is a budget-friendly activity.

3. Learn The Secrets Of Amazon at Museu de Amazonia. Known as MUSA, it is a 100-hectare land forest filled with nature’s beauty. It was only recently created last January 2009 so it is well-maintained. Its facility includes an exhibition of orchids, a forest of canopy trees and various plants that exist in the amazon forest. The MUSA is also associated to the National Institute of Amazonian Research so most of the species housed are subject to study and experiments and such studies are also exhibited to the visitors. Other than the plants, animals such as reptiles, different species of fish and insects are alps exhibited. The view of plants and animals are best viewed while walking along the forest trails of MUSA.

4. Shop at Mercado Adolpho Lisboa. Located in the shoreline of Rio Negro, it is a marketplace constructed in the 1800s which is now considered as a tourist center. Considered to be one of the largest markets in Manaus, it showcases different products – fruits, raw food, spices, souvenirs and other indigenous products. It has a fine architecture with its metallic structure based on the Les Halles marketplace in France. The market is filled with many stalls owned by locals who sell regional products and every souvenir you can think of. With the unique finds you can see here, this marketplace is a must-visit for every tourist.

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