Top things to do in Netherland

This is among the most vibrant and stunning countries in Europe that you can visit. Netherland is popular mainly for its canals and museums but there are still some scenic towns and dynamic cities that are waiting for you to explore them. The perfect way to explore this country is by bicycle as you take in the stunning scenery.

Top things to do

Explore the Canals of Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a vibrant canal system just like many other cities like Venice. The canals are among the best-loved attraction in Amsterdam and one of the best thing to do while in Netherland is to explore the routes going on a boat tour or even a water taxi while allows you to hop around a range of locations. Another thing that you can do is just enjoy the stunning canal sights while you stroll along the banks.

Go sightseeing Zaanse Schans

If you wish you can travel back in time and visit the Netherlands of the 17th and 18th centuries, then a trip to this town will suffice. The town can be found around 15 kilometers to the north of Amsterdam and it looks like an open-air museum. The best thing to do here is to walk around the traditional Dutch village and see how ancient craftsmen worked. Some of the things to see here are a grocery store, shipyard, pewter factory, range of green wooden houses. The highlight of the town is that you will get to see stunning windmills.

Visit Rijksmuseum

This is the Dutch national museum situated in Amsterdam and it is filled with a stunning collection of art and antiques which dates back to 1809. There are more than 7 million items, 5000 paintings that covers over 250 rooms in this museum. The museum also features a library with 35,000 book collection and also stunning paintings in the world that you can see. The museum focuses more on traditional Dutch artifacts like sculptures and handicrafts from medieval times but you will still get to see modern art.

Stroll around the Garden of Europe

This is also known as Keukenhof and it is a riot of color with blooms of every hue as far as you can see. This garden is outside of Lisse which is the largest public garden in the world. The garden covers 70 acres of land filled with magnificent flower exhibitions and also restaurants, you will get to see wide varieties of flora in this garden like crocuses, daffodils hyacinths.

Explore Hoge Veluwe National Park

There are many national parks in Netherland and the largest and the most popular one is the Hoge Veluwe national park which can be found between Apeldoorn and Arnhem. The park covers over 13,800 acres of land and this is perfect for a day trip. You will see quirky exhibits in this park and some of the animals you will see here are red and roe deer. You can also go bird watching in this park as you will see a whole range of species at the graceful dunes.

Have fun at Efteling

This is the biggest amusement park in the Netherlands and it can be found at Kaatsheuvel. The park consists of different zones which are known as realms with each one focusing on a different ancient legend. The park is also among the oldest themes parks in the world as it opened doors in 1952. The highlights of this park are rides like the George, Joris en de Draak, flying Dutchman, and so on. You can explore the other areas like Raveleijn, a magical world where you can see a nightly performance which tells the story of 5 siblings that fight and defeat an evil monster.

Visit Artis Royal Zoo

This is the oldest zoo in the Netherlands as it was opened in 1838. The zoo covers over 35 acres with more than 900 species of animals with many housed in ornate and spacious compounds designed in the 19th century. The zoo also has an aquarium section where you will get to see species like eel, sharks, tropical fish. You can also try out the Dutch pancakes called bitterballen which you will find with vendors that circle the zoo with tray bikes.

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