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Sopot is one of the most beautiful cities by the sea, which is vibrant with life regardless of the season. Wondering what is worth seeing in Sopot? What are the most interesting attractions of the city? What to do and what to visit? Our text will provide you with a lot of useful information that will encourage you to spend your vacation in this beautiful city, or even a weekend. When preparing your vacation, remember to check accommodation in Sopot advertised in our portal 😊.

Table of contents

  • Sopot – location of the city
  • What do tourists love Sopot for?
  • What to do in Sopot? Check what is worth seeing
  • Accommodation in Sopot

Sopot – location of the city

Sopot is a city on the Gulf of Gdansk, which is located on the coast of Gdansk, between Gdansk and Gdynia. Administratively, Sopot is part of Tri-City (Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia) and as a component city of the nearly one million strong agglomeration, is very well connected to the entire Pomerania.

You can safely say that Sopot is a lucky town in terms of location. It is located among the forests of a landscape park, which are full of rare specimens of fauna and flora, but also a unique microclimate and abundant resources of healing waters. All this has made Sopot an important Polish spa and one of the most visited places in Poland.

Below you can find out why it is worth spending time here and what to see and do in Sopot. We invite you to continue reading.

What do tourists love Sopot for?

The most famous attraction that Sopot has is the beach. It stretches for over 4 km and has many entrances. Interestingly, it is very well connected to Gdansk and Gdynia, so those who love long walks along the sea shore can go for a stroll. There are also numerous walking trails and bicycle paths, which encourage you to choose an active form of leisure. In addition, you do not even need to take your bikes, because on site you can rent something for the whole family.

Tourists also love Sopot for its famous pier, which by the way is the longest such object on the Baltic Sea. Its length is 511.5 m, of which 458 m is above the water surface. The pier hosts various cultural events, there are also cafes overlooking the waters of the Gulf of Gdansk, which are waiting for tourists not only in high season, but also during the rest of the year. Thanks to this Sopot is vibrant with life both in the spring-summer season and autumn-winter.

What to see in Sopot and surroundings (in short):

  • Beach and pier
  • Monte Cassino
  • Crooked House
  • Lighthouse
  • Water park
  • St. George Church
  • Forest Opera
  • Tri-City Landscape Park
  • Oliwa Park in Gdansk
  • Pier in Gdynia
  • Orłowski Cliff
  • Balneological Institute
  • Lysa Góra

What to do in Sopot? Check what is worth seeing

Zakopane has Krupowki, Warsaw has Nowy Swiat, and Sopot has Monciak. Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street, known as Monciak, is one of the most famous promenades in Poland. Its entire length is lined with cafes, restaurants, pubs and discos. From Monciak you can also easily get to other attractions of Sopot, including for example the monument to the Umbrella Man, the Crooked House, or the Lighthouse. In addition, it is also worth mentioning the Forest Opera, where every year various cultural events are held.

Check out what to do in Sopot and learn a bit more about the different attractions and places to see according to our opinion 😊 Below is a list of our top attractions in Sopot.


The pier in Sopot has already become a landmark of this city, because of its uniqueness. It’s the longest pier in the Baltic Sea, from where we can enjoy beautiful views of the sea, the Gulf of Gdansk or the Grand Hotel, and all this makes it possible to snap some good photos on Instagram 😎 Admission to the pier is paid and costs literally a few zlotys, and a discounted ticket is half the price.

Crooked House

Right after the pier it is the most characteristic object in Sopot, which was built in 2004. Since then it has gained enormous popularity and even made it to the list of the strangest inventions of world architecture. Crooked House in Sopot is open to tourists and inside there are, among others, restaurants and cafes.

What is worth seeing in Sopot? We suggest – Crooked House.

Forest Opera

What else is there to do in Sopot? You can relax surrounded by nature in the famous Forest Opera, built in 1909. Sopot Forest Opera is known for its annual festival, but also for its concerts and fashion shows. It is pleasant to go for a picnic or a walk in the forest area.

Balneological Department

Are you interested in historic architecture? Then know that near the pier there is the Balneological Institute distinguished by a very interesting and beautiful architecture. The building was entered in the register of monuments in 1982. In addition to taking spectacular photos, you can enjoy the salt baths, since it is a spa facility.

Grand Hotel

What is worth seeing in Sopot while walking on the beach? Grand Hotel is a facility that definitely stands out.

The hotel, which cost a fortune, was opened in 1927 and was mainly intended for guests visiting the local casino. After almost a century, this magnificent hotel continues to offer its services to modern day tourists who can experience luxury from as little as 700PLN per night. The hotel offers a private beach, a gym overlooking the Baltic Sea, delicious cuisine and much more. The Grand Hotel has hosted many famous personalities such as Fidel Castro, Shakira and Czeslaw Milosz.

Łysa Góra

What to do in Sopot in winter? Something that will surprise you, and it will certainly do the only ski slope overlooking the sea 😮 We’re talking about Lysa Gora, which is a hill over 100 meters high with a ski lift. There is also a winter equipment rental shop, a restaurant and even rooms to rent. A 10-run ticket costs 30 zlotys.

Baza noclegowa w Sopocie

The accommodation base in Sopot is very well developed, so we can be sure that also with finding something for yourself will not be difficult. Accommodation facilities are primarily known and appreciated hotels, which delight in luxury. We also have numerous apartments in Sopot, or private accommodation. There are also hostels, or guest houses, which are willing to accept individual guests, organized groups, as well as families with children.

We hope that thanks to us you already know what to see in Sopot and what to do when you get bored.

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