What to see in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg, or St. Petersburg (the less recommended form, although acceptable) is the second largest city on Russian territory. Other former names of this city are Leningrad or Petrograd. The former was created in memory of Vladimir Lenin – the then leader of Soviet Russia. Whereas Petrograd was the original name of the city in honor of St. Peter – Tsar Peter I.

Almost everyone has heard of St. Petersburg, but few people know what makes this city so beautiful. Lovers of art and architecture will find their place here. St. Petersburg is famous for its beautiful paintings, sculptures, monuments, tsarist buildings and unique, detailed in every detail gilded decorations, which can be seen inside the palaces, or in the museums.

The Hermitage – one of the most famous and largest museums in the world. It houses a collection of millions of works of art. Its complex includes: Winter Palace, Small, Old and New Hermitage, as well as the Hermitage Theatre. They form one of the unique and unusual architectural ensembles in the center of St. Petersburg.

Petropavlovsky Cathedral – the name comes from the names of Saints Peter and Paul. On the territory of the cathedral stands the famous bell tower measuring over 120m high – one of the symbols of St. Petersburg.

Cruiser “Aurora” – the now defunct armored ship, which houses a branch of the Central Naval Museum. In its glory years it participated in the February and October revolutions and the Civil War.

Academy of Fine Arts – the oldest higher art institution in the country. With the establishment of the Academy, a museum was created next to it, which in its very numerous collections, has works and works of many famous and prominent graduates of the Academy.

Isaakievsky Square – one of the oldest squares in St. Petersburg. On it you can see harmoniously connected with each other buildings, showing a cross-section of Russian history and architecture. Among them is the famous Isaakievsky Cathedral, which arouses admiration with its gigantic size.

Alexander Pushkin House – a museum point where Alexander Pushkin, the famous Russian poet, died. The place has been recreated from documents and notes provided by his friends. In the apartment you can see the remaining memorabilia, objects of the deceased and get acquainted with his works.

Nevsky Prospekt – The largest and most famous street in the city. Along it there are magnificent palaces, famous museums, elegant restaurants, luxury hotels and expensive boutiques.

Kazan Cathedral – one of the largest churches in St. Petersburg. It is located on Nevsky Prospekt and was built to house the miraculous icon of Our Lady of Kazan. In front of the temple there is a picturesque square, which is one of the favorite meeting places for locals and tourists.

Resurrection Cathedral – the largest place of Russian mosaic art. Inside the temple mosaics cover almost all the places, starting from the walls and columns and ending on the vaults. And precious stones skillfully finish the ornate interiors.

Summer Garden – a green park with numerous symmetrical alleys. In the garden there are marble sculptures, rare species of trees and flowers were planted and fountains were built. In the past, sumptuous balls and parties were organized here.

Tsarskoye Selo – the palace and park complex is one of the most interesting monuments of St. Petersburg and the world architecture and art. It gathers the best examples of Baroque and Classicism architecture.

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